mathemARTistic Density in Motion Picture. From new combinations of data new ways of seeing and surprising insights into aesthetics and mathemArtistics emerge. The resonance of these continuous influences and can be sensed in the mathemartistic Density in Motion Picture "Concerning the Emergence of Beauty in Science, Nature and Art.". This composition invites to navigate through boundless beauty on the edge of chaos with plenty of room to create what we see. 

mathemartist, surfing through complexity and art.

I ask
what can be accomplished
by training our senses
for complex visual thinking
and imagining multidimensional
intricate structures,
like randomness and intuition,
that have played with
plentitude and precision.
My images are dancing
to the tune of many sets
of equations in constant
as my concepts of number,
color, words, tone,
form and meaning
are changing.

The emerging dance
generated, choreographed
by the relationship between
spaces, sets and abstract
places of the mind can be
interpreted, rearranged,
combined, translated,
elucidated in new and
renaissance ways.

The resulting augmentation
of the senses
is surrounding and animating
the language of the abstract:
spin7 x densityP.

This process of visual
thinking and
apprehending the world
through mathemartics,
this reformularizing intuition
converges to Beauty,
Elegance and Knowledge.

As an information gatherer
and adventurous mind,
my visual thinking, aesthetic
dimensions and imaginary
number fields are influenced
by reason and magic, math and
myth, physics and psychology.
The hand of an artist, or
nature's dynamics, are the
origins of my paintings and
compositions, from where the
imagery and music spins
into a concerto of new motions
and subtle variations.
Natural, computer-generated,
and man-made are inseparable
categories in this process
of entangled interactions,
body signals, dreams and,
synchronicities. Art-computing
(Painting-Poetry-Music)is both math and psychology.
Taos Cube
Paco F. Parado