with a highly developed probabilistic sense?
introducing an amount of indeterminism into each new situation = the Monte Parado Method - the Paradomancy - the Pseudo Parado Numbers - the concept randomness is all bound up in other concepts of other constructs of concepts - the Sophisticated Parado walk - Parado Haphazard - The Parado Hexameter
Paco F. Parado
My art is inspired by a variety of expressions and thoughts.
The paintings, the compositions are rhythmic forms, 

arising from the attraction to beauty, 
from the research in all fields of knowledge 
and finding new insights in our endless Many-Worlds Theater. 

Art is a product of my consciousness. 
My art augments and magnifies many different points of view, 

how I look at the worlds and what mastery
and beauty I discover in them.
My aesthetics I play as an organ, 
registers are almost countless, 
the manuals and pedals 
sampling the whole intellectual cosmos. 

The beauty of the whole 
depends in some way on its parts 
and their optimal position 
and flexibility - paintings emerge. 

My tapestries, paintings, compositions, 
influenced by studying nature, 
the sciences, the world cultures, the Zeitgeist, 
encompass many possibilities to interpret, 
they seduce to more knowledge and pleasure. 

The key, as always, is beauty 
and the complementary idea of freedom