Sounds and numbers

the notes to flourish

counting ahead and nourish

ignite some drummers

when she comes in colors

sparkling green and warm

the color of the eyes


ingratiate oneself within the graceful,

receiving sweet revelations and

falling in love for rehearse time,

aware that flux is the only constant

and art is the only look for something littoral,

orchestral in its arrangements, lyrically poetic

the poem slips into timelessness

focus and fluid elegance in motion,

fast sweet loud and red


we are the crew,

we are the new class we are the clue



will be able

to step inside

their own creations,

we swing in and across

The Hanging

Gardens of
The Cube

mesmerized by

the values of the abstract

that are massless and have

spin7 x densityP

Paco F. Parado



With the knowledge, the aesthetics, the history,

and particularity of the Arts in Taos, New Mexico

and with insights into the mathematics of

the epoch Al Andalus,

and my extensive travels in the Sahara,

I formulate in a series of exhibitions called MathemArtist Cube

my experiences and sensibilities anew.